We are pleased to inform you that we have formulated the medium-term management plan "Gakken 2023" for the three years from 2021 to 2023.
In order to adapt to Covid-19 or the “New Normal” thereafter, we will further enhance the present business portfolio management, and increase profitability by creating added value and improving productivity through digital transformation (DX).
By doing so, we aim to build a solid foundation that could handle any uncertainty in the future.
Thus, we revised the conventional two-year plan, which tended to be short-sighted, to launch a three-year plan "Gakken 2023" with growth investment from a medium- to long-term perspective. We have set its slogan as "Establishment of a solid foundation for growth".

[Long-Term Management Policy] Group’s Business in 10 Years Time

Gakken 2023 Management Policy

[Educational Domain] Basic Policy and Priority Initiatives

[Educational Domain: Priority Initiatives] Education DX

[Healthcare and Nursing Domain] Basic Policy and Priority Initiatives

[Healthcare and Nursing Domain] Expansion of Sites and DX

[Group Strategy] Acceleration of DX

[Global Strategy] Global Business Development

[Group Management] Gakken’s Approach to Refining Business Portfolio Management

[Group Management] Cash Flow Generation and Capital Efficiency Enhancement

[Gakken 2023] Performance Targets

[Gakken 2023] Financial Indicators and Targets

[Gakken 2023] Decrease in Net Sales and Operating Profit Over the Next Three Years