Gakken Group was established in 1946 just after the war based on the belief of founder Hideto Furuoka, "There is nothing more important than education for post-war (World War  Ⅱ)reconstruction.

In line with this belief, we have been delivering a variety of teaching materials mainly "Kagaku(science)" and "Gakusyu(learning)" to many families all over Japan. As a result, we pride ourselves to have raised the education level in Japan starting from post-war restoration age to present and contributed in producing talented persons who bolster the basis of our nation.

We are always embracing Furuoka's belief; in addition to publishing, we are now developing and offering educational opportunities as well as excellent teaching materials. Our activities include expansion into school education and learning center business.

In recent years, we have been going into eldercare sector which is also one of Japan's social issues; we provide an integrated service handling from personnel training to operation of elderly care facilities. We also are committed to operating nursing schools and after-school children’s clubs; we provide a wide variety of services that covers from children to the elderly.

Furthermore, we are taking part in the development of "Sustainable Towns" that are being implemented around Japan; we are actively working on "realizing a sustainable society," an objective of SDGs.

All our group companies stand for one single goal under the Group Philosophy of "Gakken Group truly hopes for everyone to lead the enriched life by providing the sensation, satisfaction and peace of mind for the day along with the dreams and hopes for tomorrow." We will keep pursuing the development of services and products for all ceaselessly just like we have since our foundation.

Since the beginning of 2020, the spread of COVID-19 has had a major impact domestically and globally. Social norms have changed after COVID-19 pandemic; companies will have to anticipate expansion of new businesses differently from the past.

In spite of such circumstances, Gakken Group will keep on contributing to post-COVID 19 society according to the stance--"Education/Healthcare and Nursing” are the only ways to reconstruct post-COVID 19 era. We aim to become a leading company in "education / Healthcare and Nursing" sectors to provide first-class "learning" and "well-being."

Octorber 2021

Hiroaki Miyahara
President, Representative Director
Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd.