Given its fiduciary responsibility and accountability to shareholders, the Board of Directors of the Company believes that one of its responsibilities is to govern the Group Companies in the manner to maximize the legitimate profit of our shareholders by: promoting the sustainable corporate growth and increase of corporate value in a med- to long-term prospective; enhancing earnings power, capital efficiency and other capabilities; and improving the total value of the Group Companies. We fully recognize that it is indispensable to take a due care of not only our shareholders but also our customers, business partners, local communities, employees and other stakeholders to improve the total value of the Group Companies in a med- to long-term prospective, and we will therefore endeavor to appropriately cooperate with these stakeholders. We also recognize that one of our vital operational assignments is to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities (“CSR”) required in environmental, social and corporate governance points of view.

We have already expressed such recognitions in “Gakken Group Charter of Corporate Conduct“. The mission of the education-related and medical welfare-related businesses, the core business activities of Gakken Group, is to resolve various issues by sharing the objectives and values with our customers and providing products and services of good quality at proper price, in which endeavors we will fulfill our social responsibilities.

For the purpose of showing the overview of Gakken Group’s corporate governance initiatives, our basic views regarding corporate governance issues and the overall direction of our corporate governance initiatives in the future, we have established “Gakken Holdings Corporate Governance Guidelines” and published them on our webpage.

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